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Upcoming Switch games to be excited about in 2024

The Nintendo Switch is downright Nintendo’s best console, with a vast library of games to choose from and plenty of unique features. We have played our fair share of some of the best games of the year on Nintendo’s switch and the coming year looks promising as well. Let’s explore all the major titles we can expect to see on the Nintendo Switch come 2024.

Fae Farm

Step into the ethereal world of Azoria, craft, cultivate, and decorate your dream homestead, traverse dungeons and scenic realms, meet cuddly magical creatures, unearth magical secrets, and befriend numerous people, and above all; restore the land to its former glory. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to create potions, use magic spells, and craft handy items such as lunchboxes, all designed to enhance your well-being in these critical aspects. We are particularly excited for this cozy farm simulation since the developers have created a captivating virtual escape filled with magic that manifests itself in nearly all aspects of the gameplay. Fae Farm is all set to release in the mid of September, 2023. You can either play on your own or with up to 3 of your friends online for a more immersive experience. Embrace the role of a homestead nurturer and let your creativity take center stage!

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Are you ready for an epic adventure? Take on the mantle of a sword-wielding protagonist, Sargon, in the Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, an intriguing Metroidvania-style action-adventure video game, set in a mythological Persian world. The game is all set to bring you a one-of-its-kind combat system that will exceed all your expectations. Leverage your Time Powers, acrobatic combat and platforming skills to perform deadly combos and fight off enemies and mythological creatures. Explore a handcrafted world, discover hidden passages and secret areas, solve puzzles, find hidden treasures and complete quests in this Persian mythological fantasy. All set to release in January of 2024 for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, the game may prove to be a massive success owing to its high-quality graphics, immersive cinematics, 2.5D platformer experience, and creative gameplay.

Rift of the Necrodancer 

Brace Yourself for a new rhythm game spinoff and help the protagonist navigate the modern world while the return of the Rift threatens her reality.  Groove to epic beats from composer Danny Baranowsk or other fellow collaborators, to battle dancing skeletons, zombies, dragons and other monsters streaming out of the Rift, and put your rhythmic combat skills to test! Better still, you can even add your own tracks to the adventure. Do you think you have it in you to survive this deadly dungeon of dance? The game is set to launch for Switch in 2024.

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II

Fans are excitedly awaiting the upcoming horror visual novel adventure game. Step into an immersive and nuanced tale of terror, drawn from Japanese myths and folklore, and get to the bottom of supernatural occurrences at Konoehara Academy.  A student has died in a strange way, but the police cannot trace the cause of the death. Follow the protagonist in this 2D scrolling exploration as he tries to find clues or key people, and evade the cruel undead spirit called the Shibito and the curse of the dead. A tense narrative, amplified with fantastically eerie music, and high suspense level will keep you on your toes.

Checkmate Showdown

Dominate your adversaries in this adrenaline-packed online multiplayer experience, where the strategic finesse of chess merges seamlessly with the fast-paced execution of combat games. Engage in thrilling showdowns against fellow players and triumph on the chess battlefield. The game designers have kept the pawns non-fighters but endowed them with the capability to capture. This allows you to thwart your opponent’s use of any piece, including the king, by deploying your pawns on the board.

Tiny Thor – Mjolnir Edition

Step into the mighty shoes of Thor, wield his hammer, Mjölnir, collect rare items, and conquer the Northern Realms to become the ultimate Norse god. Fight off mythical creatures along the way and tackle obstacles to acquiring your throne. An ode to the exciting action platformers of the 16-bit console era, this game is packed with fast-paced action, amazing pixel graphics, one-of-its-kind controls, hard and rewarding gameplay and new experiences – all laced with a tinge of nostalgia. Aim your hammer at enemies, bounce it off surfaces, and practice all sorts of trick shorts along the way – all this against a cool soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck. Be sure to pre-book Tiny Thor at any leading Dubai game store in advance since the developers are only planning to release a mere 4000 copies worldwide.

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